December 6, 2023

The unique decentralized financial service from BULLIONBLOCK has gone live thanks to the Stellar blockchain. This major worldwide network aims to increase the privacy and security of BRMB Stablecoin.

Stellar is a blockchain-based network that links financial institutions, payment systems, and individuals to move money swiftly, securely, and nearly for free.

What Does Bullionblock Offer To The World?

A quarter of people globally do not have access to financial services, a well-known statistic. Even people with access to banks still need to manage their finances since governments can use authoritarian measures fully.

A significant issue identified by BULLIONBLOCK for as long as 2018 is that recent inflation, currency devaluations, and approaching global economic catastrophe are propelling the globe towards a defunct, debt-driven worldwide monetary system.

BullionBlock can guarantee quick, effective, and affordable transactions because of Stellar Blockchain’s adaptable and efficient technology, making the service available to various consumers globally. Their cutting-edge software gives customers complete control over their financial future, empowering them.

BullionBlock promotes smooth transactions between individuals without intermediaries, eliminating the necessity for pricey intermediaries. This ground-breaking strategy is expected to improve security and transparency while giving customer’s unmatched oversight of their cash flows and assets.

What Benefits Do You Get With Bullionblock?

The yearly value of the worldwide remittance business exceeds $700 billion, and the need for affordable, safe, and effective transfer of funds alternatives is ever-increasing.

By providing remittance services at an average price of 1% through our U.S. bank-licensed BaaS partnership with Mbanq and, BullionBlock is ready to disrupt this industry. With, we have secured a client base that has been around for over 15 years and is eager to sign up.

We will provide various fintech services through our subscription-based accounts that are tailored to the needs of individual and corporate customers. The simple accessibility to additional stablecoins and other digital assets will be made possible through the BullionBlock payments infrastructure.

BullionBlock promises to simplify financial inclusion by using Stellar to streamline KYC procedures and tokenization to transfer assets. Our decentralized fintech platform realizes that anybody with a smartphone must utilize essential financial services.

Anyone facing inflation may buy and keep BRMB stablecoins safely, promptly, affordably, and conveniently thanks to the BRMB BullionBlock stablecoin tied to the RMB currency on Stellar.

How To Avail Of Bullionblock App

The encrypted and borderless portable BullionBlock Wallet Messaging App is available for download by anybody from anywhere and may be used for BRMB to exchange Baht, Yen, Dollars, or Pesos. Then, it will be simple for you to purchase USDC and convert it to any fiat money. It may be transferred at any moment and from any location to any conventional bank account. The completion of this procedure might take a maximum of one working day.

Utilizing the Stellar on/off ramp network, BRMB (BullionBlock-RMB) users may send and receive money swiftly and efficiently, converting money from USDC to BRMB to fiat and again to fiat currencies easily.